Every night I go to bed, I have thoughts swirling in my head. Things to do. Scrapbook pages I want to create. Gifts I want to make. Skills I want to learn. And, of course, daily happenings that I don't want to forget, but invariably will by tomorrow morning, only to pop up in a random thought weeks down the road. So, here I am. I may use this blog daily to empty my head and heart before cuddling up in my duvet, or as it may be, I may write in it once a month. Who knows. It is for me, but perhaps something I write or learn may spark a fire in someone else. Perhaps it may quiet a mind or make you feel like you are not alone out there. It is for me. But perhaps it is for you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kai at 3 years 1 month

1. Still wearing his Batman cape tons...including during our whole family photo shoot!

2. Finally becoming less of a picky eater.  He was never a huge picky eater, but now he is eating bread crusts, egg yolks and more vegetables.  Yay!

3. Adjusting to daycare after a month of daily crying and clinging to me when I had to go to work.  It was heartbreaking, but now he is ready to continue playing when I arrive.  What a relief!

4. Getting into the rhythm of a new sleep routine: up between 6:30 and 7 a.m., nap at daycare and then up to bed by 7:30.  We still have to stay up there until he falls asleep, but it is much faster these days.

5. Taking SO long to eat his food.  I would say a 45 minute average at dinner, and as long as I will allow him at breakfast.  Glad he is eating, but it is really working on my patience. :)

6. Has made a best friend at daycare - Michaela, or Kyla as he calls her.  She is there playing with him first thing in the morning and today they wanted to keep playing after pick-up time.  I am so happy he has found what could be another 'Ben.'

7. He has just started soccer practice on Saturday mornings.  He has some skills, but apparently his focus is lacking.  Well, he is only 3.

8.  He is finally wearing underwear!  For some reason, potty training while wearing underwear just did not work for our little one.  I suppose underwear felt like a diaper to him, as he often peed in underwear even when I was pretty sure he knew he had to go pee.  Anyhow, all summer he wore shorts commando, but over the past week he has finally latched on to underwear.  Yay!

9.  Mater...yes, it is all about Mater these days.  McQueen is still in the picture, but when it is time for bed, he wants the Mater diapers.  He always wants to watch Mater Tales.  McQueen and Mater are never far from him.

10.  "Love you too, Mama."  We have arrived at expressing love (and thank you, excuse me), and reverted back to Mama (since he went back to daycare).  No phrase could be better.

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