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Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Nico at Three Months: Smiling and Learning

To our happy boy,

This has been a big month for you.  You are really continuing to develop your own personality and you are so amazing.  If I could describe you in one word it would be smiling.  You are in love with the world and we are all in love with you.  What makes you smile?  Pretty much everything.  You love to observe the world around you and especially the people.  You are definitely a people person...so easygoing and adaptable, there are very few things that make you unhappy.  You love it when people play with you and make faces at you, which is what your big brother is best at, so you can't get enough of him.  You like to play with your tongue often, curling it up, and Kai gets a big kick out of it when you copy him by sticking it out.

You also have found the pleasure of making noise.  You have begun to 'chat' with us and we have spent a lot of time with you resting back on my knees and getting to know one another.  It is one of my favourite things to do with you.  That said, you have started using your voice to share your dislikes as well, such as when I leave you in your chair to go grab something from the kitchen and you lose sight of me.

This month you have been on a learning journey as well.  You have learned to suck on your fists to soothe yourself, to hold a rattle (although you aren't sure what to do with it yet), to lift your legs up high when on your back and your head up high when on your tummy and you even rolled over onto your back once on your 12 week birthday.  Thank you for waiting until Daddy, Kai and I were all close by and could cheer you on!  The hardest learning for all of us was when we did sleep training, and even there you took it easy on us.  The first two days and nights were a bit rough, but you didn't want us in the room with you (in fact, that made you more frustrated) and only a few days into practicing putting yourself to sleep you slept 6, 8, 9 and even 12 hours straight once in the night!  And no matter how long you had been crying, you always went straight back to smiling once you were up.  In fact, that was probably the trickiest part to learning about your sleep needs - you seem to be happy all the time so it was hard to tell when was the right time to go down for a nap!

So now you sleep amazingly, peacefully drifting off with rarely a sound more times than not, and continue to be a happy guy both awake and asleep.  Like your Mommy, you seem to thrive with some routine and predictability, but you are still easygoing when I have to wake you up early or putting you down late as we work with Kai's school schedule as well.  Thank you for being so easy, love.

This month we also went to visit your Great Nanny at Gramma and Grampa's house for a few nights and you were a dream.  You charmed your way into Nanny's heart and were an amazing little traveler.  You have and will continue to spend a lot of time with our big family, so it is wonderful to know that you will be happy no matter where you are or who is holding you.

It has been a big month for you, sweet Nico, and we are so proud of you and in love with you.

Love always,
your Mama

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