Every night I go to bed, I have thoughts swirling in my head. Things to do. Scrapbook pages I want to create. Gifts I want to make. Skills I want to learn. And, of course, daily happenings that I don't want to forget, but invariably will by tomorrow morning, only to pop up in a random thought weeks down the road. So, here I am. I may use this blog daily to empty my head and heart before cuddling up in my duvet, or as it may be, I may write in it once a month. Who knows. It is for me, but perhaps something I write or learn may spark a fire in someone else. Perhaps it may quiet a mind or make you feel like you are not alone out there. It is for me. But perhaps it is for you.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

40 Before 40

Recently I have been wanting to embrace life's adventures.  In a quick Facebook post I made note of this as I was sharing how excited I was to have gotten tickets to see the Dave Matthews Band at The Gorge.  As a result of an impromptu road trip in my twenties with some friends from back east (Montreal), seeing a concert at The Gorge had landed itself on my Life List.  Until my sister texted me an invite to this concert, I had all but forgotten this desire.  So back to the Facebook post...in a comment I threw out a thought that maybe since my 40th birthday was arriving in October, I would open myself up to the idea of 40 adventures before 40 quest.  This comment has gotten a lot of play time in conversations and email with friends recently, so rather than it become a 'mission to complete' (which really seems to take the fun out of it), I am going to see what comes across my radar, so to speak, and see what the universe has to offer me. 

Now those of you who know me well also know that I am a planner.  I have fought it and tried to let it go many times, but it is simply who I am and it makes my life much more stress-free and enjoyable.  That said, the planning side of me needs to be invited to this quest as well.  I am going to invite it to share it's ideas (Is it weird I am talking about it like it is it's own person?) and create a desires list.  Those who know me also know that I LOVE to make lists and desires lists are at the top of the pecking order.  Back to the plan...whenever something from my list (or an alternate super-fun opportunity) presents itself, I am going to book it right away into my monthly calender (after running it by my wonderful husband, of course). 

Anyone who wants to play with me on this quest, you are officially invited!  (Again, aforementioned husband gets first dibs.)

Let the games begin!  Next step, tune in for my 40 Before 40 desires list.

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