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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nico at Two Months

My sweet little boy,

Your Daddy, big brother and I love you so much.  You have grown and learned so much over the past few months that I thought we would take a moment to celebrate who you are now...

You love to eat -
Since Day 1 you have been eating like a champion.  You love your milk and are growing into a very healthy little boy.  When we went for your first weigh-in with Annie, our midwife, to make sure you were getting back to your birth weight, she was surprised that not only had you returned to 7 pounds 7 ounces but you had actually put on extra weight!  Unlike your big brother, you seem to have very few digestive problems and burp like a pro!  (The things we parents are proud of...)

You can't wait to be able to suck on your fingers -
You are a soother baby.  You love to use the soother to help you fall asleep, but also very promptly spit it out when you think you don't need it anymore.  Sometimes your timing is right but other times you wake up and cry as soon as you have spit it out.  You have spent the first two months working on controling your hands so you could bring them to your mouth when you wanted to.  One time you accidentally hooked your thumb in your mouth and put yourself to sleep in seconds!  On the other hand, you have also punched yourself in the face a few times, but finally in the past week you  seem to be able to get that right hand to your mouth when you want it.  The poor left hand is often neglected.  Unfortunately for you, your hand is too big to fit into your mouth so it currently frustrates more than soothes you, but don't worry - one day soon you will be able to open your hands and get your thumb in there too.  Your Auntie Kelly thinks it is funny that I encourage you to be a thumb sucker, but I just want you to be able to learn the skills to help yourself stay calm when you need too.  Really, I have the best intentions!

You are a cuddler - Boy do you love the feel of being cuddled in Mommy's arms. (see note about sleeping location below).  I so hope you still that way when you are older, for that is what makes me feel the happiest - cuddles with my boys.

You are particular about your sleeping location -
During the day as long as you are sleeping on me in some form, you rarely make a peep.  Twice a day for your nap we seem to be on the move to or from Kai's school.  With every journey I keep hoping that you will fall asleep in the stroller, but without fail within about 15 minutes at most you are upset.  Like magic, as soon as you are in the carrier next to my chest you sigh and fall asleep, only to awake when I try to put you down or it is time to eat.  I love the feeling of having you close, but my back wishes you would go down more often.  At home, with the help of your beloved bathroom fan for a few minutes and occasionally your soother, you fall asleep in my arms and lay upon my chest on the couch while I read, surf the internet on my phone or watch a show.  A few times lately we have gotten you to fall asleep in the swing for short periods as well.  Your bassinet seems to be only for a few naps during the night and only when you are really tired.

Your smile melts my  heart -
Your first smile was when you were just a few days over a month old.  Since then you love to grin often.  My favourite time of the day is when you first wake up in the morning.  Right after to have your bottle, I put you on the change table and we have our best bonding time.  For some reason, the change table is one of your favourite places.  While I change you and for a good length of time after, you are all smiles and conversation.  Okay, you can't talk yet, but you sure try.  So we just smile at each other.  I stick out my tongue and make silly sounds that make you try to copy and then you smile even more.  It melts a Mama's heart.

You really want to talk -
Whether on the change table, beside me on the couch or on my lap, after a feed in particular you love to try to chat.  You look at me, you arms and legs get a moving and your mouth opens.  Your eyes get a gleam in them, but nothing yet comes out of your mouth.  Okay, a few times you have squeaked or squacked, and Kai would swear that you know 'a' and 'e' (He thinks after 'a', the next letter you will naturally learn is 'b'.).  If you are anything like your big brother, once you start talking, you will never stop.  And that twinkle in your eye makes me think you will be pulling pranks like the best of them as well.  I can't wait to hear what you have to say...

You go wherever big brother goes -
Okay, so it is not really your choice, but since you were just over a week old, you have come with me every day to drop your brother off at Kindergarten and pick him up in the afternoon.  You are a hit with all the kids in his class who just can't wait to 'pet' you, and you have been the draw for so many adults to start up a conversation with me.  I'm sure I wouldn't know so many people, big and small, at Kai's school if it weren't for the cute little bundle I bring with me.  Thanks for helping me out, little buddy!

You are pretty chill -
For a boy who only sleeps about 13 hours a day, you are pretty chill.  So far you have skipped the purple crying phase, with the exception of a couple of nights and a day, which makes me think something must have been bothering your tummy.  You can stay in your chair or laying on a blanket for a little while happy as a clam as long as you can see us, and you are growing fond of the swinging chair as well.  As long as we are following your sleeping requirements, you fall asleep easily and quick for the most part as well.  Importantly, you also like hanging out with our whole big crazy family and are as happy in their arms as you are in ours.  I think you are going to be one easygoing little boy.

You are one wonderful little boy.  We are so lucky to have you in our family and can't wait to see what comes next for you, Nico.

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