Every night I go to bed, I have thoughts swirling in my head. Things to do. Scrapbook pages I want to create. Gifts I want to make. Skills I want to learn. And, of course, daily happenings that I don't want to forget, but invariably will by tomorrow morning, only to pop up in a random thought weeks down the road. So, here I am. I may use this blog daily to empty my head and heart before cuddling up in my duvet, or as it may be, I may write in it once a month. Who knows. It is for me, but perhaps something I write or learn may spark a fire in someone else. Perhaps it may quiet a mind or make you feel like you are not alone out there. It is for me. But perhaps it is for you.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

In the Moment...

Last night my son fell asleep curled up in my lap, holding his blanket and snuggling his head into my chest. I felt like he was a baby again and realized how few of these moments I get these days. With my husband doing the bedtime routine in order that I can get some schoolwork and graduate work done and still be able to rise with my son each morning feeling somewhat rested, I am becoming more aware of how precious these moments are.

I chose to do my graduate work before Kai was conceived and I do not regret the choice. I have learned so many valuable lessons and my teaching confidence and skill have grown exponentially. Now I am ready to educationally 'fly on my own' again. I am ready to simplify. I am ready to return my focus more fully on my home and my family. I am ready to have more 'moments' with my son. I miss him.

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